What Is Alphaday?

Alphaday is the one tool you need to stay up to date and interact with crypto using easily customizable dashboards.

At Alphaday we realize that not everyone uses crypto the same. From using dozens of different websites, projects, news and information sources — sometimes it feels like it never ends. That’s part of the reason why we’re building Alphaday.

Alphaday is the one tool you need to stay up to date and interact with all of your favorite things crypto related, and even allows you to customize a dashboard to suit your specific needs on your crypto journey — all for free.

By letting users have a dashboard custom tailored to them, it ensures you aren’t getting flooded with things you don’t care about, while also ensuring you aren’t missing out on the things that are important to you.


Because not everyone uses crypto the same, we needed to think of a way to support all sorts of users and their interests in a way that fits them. This is why we’ve introduced the concept of widgets into Alphaday.

Widgets allow you to get insight on certain things you care about, similar to how you might see widgets on your smart phone. Just a glimpse of something bigger for your convenience. If you want to stay on top of Ethereum (or other blockchain) gas fees for example, add the gas fee widget directly to your dashboard and voilà!

  • Calendar & Events
  • Market & Price Chart
  • News
  • Crypto Twitter
  • Gas Fees
  • DAO Proposals
  • (and so much more)

The widget library is essentially what allows users to really get their own experience that they care about when using Alphaday. Eventually we plan to support custom widgets where projects or people like you can even build your own to use on the platform.


As we’ve echoed throughout this article, customization is important which is why we go beyond just allowing you to use the widgets that you want.

With filtering, users can apply a search term (e.g. Uniswap, Aave, etc.) at the top of the dashboard which applies the term to all of the widgets it can be applied to. So if you want to focus on Aave research, just enter Aave into the search bar and you’ve got all the currently displayed widgets custom tailored to Aave!

The widget library is something we briefly discussed above, which is a way for our users to pick and choose the exact widgets they want to use on Alphaday, as well as eventually build their own to use!

Are you focused on multiple crypto sectors, or just many different communities and want to keep things a little separate?

The custom boards feature is perfect for you, as it allows you to design or build a dashboard layout and save it for later. This means you can have a layout for DeFi, NFTs, a certain community you follow, and more!

What’s To Come

Currently users are allowed to connect their wallet, however, there isn’t any on-chain activity supported for a user to do. This means at the moment you can’t swap on your favorite DEX, farm with your favorite tokens, or trade your favorite NFTs.

But don’t worry — this is on our roadmap and we hope to support on-chain activity in the near future!

We’ve also got plans to support building your own widgets as mentioned above throughout this article, a complete notification system, a ton of new widgets by us, and much more (along with plenty of bug fixes and design changes).

Get Involved

While we are happy to be in open beta allowing anyone to use Alphaday today, we wouldn’t be where we are without the general thoughts and opinions of our community.

We are building Alphaday for you, the community, the user. We want to hear what you have to say, what you love, hate, or anything in-between.

Make yourself heard and share your feedback with us here! ❤️

Follow Us

Website: alphaday.com

Twitter: @alphadayhq

Discord: alphaday.com/discord

Are you a project, company, or otherwise interested in collaborating? Reach out to us at hello@alphaday.com



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