Ten Useful Crypto Tools & Projects

(that you may have not already heard of)

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Below I share some useful tools for crypto and Ethereum that you may have not already heard of. There are hundreds if not thousands of awesome things being built making it impossible to rank them or cover them all, but hopefully there’s at least one thing you can pull out of this article.

Not all of them are free but I’ve tried my best to lay out the pricing structures below where it applies.


Previously Coindix, Nanoly allows you to find the best places to farm or stake your tokens to receive the highest return or APY. What’s great is they support several chains as well, really allowing you to maximize your potential. Keep in mind there are some risk factors here to think about, as rates and prices always fluctuate.

If you’re into chasing returns on your portfolio though, Nanoly is definitely a good tool to help with DeFi farming. While they do offer a lot of free features, to get the pro features they request you contact them for pricing.


If you decided to use Nanoly as we shared above, you might need this next one. ChainHop allows you to swap tokens from one chain to tokens on another chain, of your choice, just like that.

The easiest way to understand it is that it’s a DEX which lets you choose which chain you want to send or receive the tokens on.

Using ChainHop is completely free, but the fees related to bridging and swapping will vary.


Icy.tools is a great one for you NFT enthusiasts out there. It provides super insightful analytics to track NFTs and various collections across several marketplaces such as OpenSea, LooksRare, and others.

From tracking volume, to recent sales, to trending collections — there’s a lot Icy Tools can provide to help you get an edge in discovering and trading NFTs. They do provide a free or lite subscription, but otherwise their premium will run you $62/month.


Earni.fi makes sure you never miss an airdrop or POAP ever again. With all of the different chains and hundreds of projects launching every month, it can be easy to not realize you have an airdrop waiting for you.

With Earnifi you can search your address, and even sign-up for notifications on future airdrops to get them right away.

While you can see some things for free, they do restrict a lot of airdrops unless you pay $33/month or $250/year.


Disclaimer: Alphaday is the product I am helping build, but when it comes to crypto tools it’s definitely a worthy mention.

Alphaday is kind of an “all-in-one” when it comes to crypto tools. It lets you customize your own dashboard in the view you want, with the widgets you want. Widgets let you use various projects or tools that you care about the most, and like a mobile phone, you can use just the widgets you want.

With things like a portfolio widget which tracks multiple wallets, the news widget (self-explanatory), calendar, and much more — it’s definitely a great way to stay on top of everything crypto related.

Alphaday is also completely free.


Revoke.cash is a great security tool to make sure you stay safe out there. If you’ve been in crypto for more than a month, you’ve probably heard of at least one hack or theft.

Often, having “approvals” on malicious contracts or upgradable contracts can cost you a lot of money in the end if something goes wrong. With Revoke, it lists all of your approvals for your address. Approvals is essentially your permission for a smart contract to use or take the approved tokens whenever they want.

Not all approvals need to be revoked to improve security by a huge amount, so there is usually no reason to go crazy and start removing everything. Keep in mind if you revoke on Uniswap for example, you will have to re-approve the next time you trade which will cost more gas fees.

Revoke is completely free.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

Hopefully this is one you know, but if not, ENS allows you to create and own your own decentralized name. Often presented as “.eth” domains (e.g. dude.eth), they exist as NFTs. After you manage the domain and set your forwarding address, people can send ETH, tokens, or NFTs directly to your .eth domain where it’s supported (which is a lot of places).

ENS essentially allows domain registration for domains that resolve to your wallet address, but so much more than just that. It allows you to set an NFT avatar for your web3 identity, associate your social media links to your ENS name, and many other benefits.

ENS prices vary depending on the length of the name or if it’s already registered.


Genie allows you to not only find, buy, and sell NFTs across multiple markets, but it lets you purchase in bulk as well which is great for “sweeping the floor”, or saving some gas on bulk buys.

Depending on how many you buy at once, Genie can save up to 40% on gas fees, which can really be a lot when trading NFTs. And because it supports more than just one market, you can make sure you’re not overpaying when you buy NFTs at the floor.

Genie is free to use.


As in the name, DefiLlama is great for DeFi related metrics and data. Seeing stats on TVL, tracking airdrops, forks, vaults, and more — DefiLlama is a must-use when it comes to keeping up to date on DeFi.

There is no cost to use it.


Zapper.fi is a great way for you to track your wallets and portfolio. With how easy it is to spin up a wallet these days and all the different chains or L2s, it can be a hassle to keep an eye on all of your wallets performance at once.

By using Zapper, it will allow you to add all the wallets you want to see in a bundle, to display it in one place. It doesn’t stop there though, as they also enable some other features such as allowing users to discover NFTs, DeFi, DAOs, and other useful things.

Zapper is also free.

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