How To Get Your Reddit Collectible Avatar (And Use It)

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4 min readOct 26, 2022

If you weren’t aware of Reddit’s recent avatar update, you can now obtain and use Reddit “Collectible Avatars”, which are NFTs stored on the Polygon platform. In this article I’ll lay it out quite simply how you can obtain yours (either if you earned one or are buying one), as Reddit didn’t make some things entirely clear for users who might be new to this whole process.

In addition to bragging rights on rarity or dedication to certain communities — having a collectible avatar allows you certain perks on Reddit like having “special treatment” when you comment, as well as on your profile. Not to mention just being able to display the cool new Snoos.

Reddit also mentions that the avatars enable “additional features” so there will likely be more to come in the near future.

Obtaining Your Collectible Avatar

Did you purchase your avatar directly from Reddit? If so then congratulations — it likely walked you through the steps to receive it and now you can enable it in your avatar section, under “You”.

If you are purchasing one for vanity reasons or because most of the avatars are sold out, you will have to purchase your avatar on a secondary market, manually go through vault creation, and transferring the NFT to your “Vault” which we will explain below.

You can purchase one on OpenSea from one of the various collections using WETH on the Polygon Network.

Creating Your Vault

To begin creating your Vault, follow the URL in the description of your recently purchased avatar NFT. For ease, you can also use this URL, that we will use as our example throughout this article, to create your vault. It will achieve the same results even if it’s less user friendly.

Whether you own the NFT or not, clicking “Import Collectible Avatar” will allow you to start the Vault creation process.

This is the wallet creation process, which they call Vault. By setting a vault password, you will generate the address you need to send your recently purchased NFT to. Make sure you write your password down or store it safely, as nobody except you will ever be able to obtain it again.

Getting Your Avatar Into Your Vault

Now that your Vault is created, this is the last time you’ll ever have to choose a password or do anything like that again. Your Vault “public address” will remain the same. This is the address you need to send your collectible avatar NFT to. You can do this many ways, but an easy way is to use the transfer function on the OpenSea page for your specific avatar.

OpenSea Transfer Function

After you do that you’ll be prompted to enter the address of your Vault you just created. Make sure you double check it’s correct!

Finally, once you approve the transaction(s) and it gets confirmed on the blockchain— you should see your new NFT collectible avatar in your Reddit Avatar section under “You”!


That’s It!

You can now use your avatar however you’d like, congratulations!

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